Centróptico, Strategy




The Institutoptico guides its action for differentiation of service. We position ourselves as a group oriented to people, providing our members all the competitive advantages available to ensure a referral service that fully satisfies the customer.

Being the Institutoptico the second largest group of independent optics nationwide, operating in the market for 20 years, we feel it is our duty to defend our sector that has always been guided by the technical rigor, expertise and training of all professionals that work directly with the public. As a group, we argue that the spirit of optics professionals goes through the need to preserve the traditional optical concept counteracting market standardization trends and we believe that the quality of customer service is due to the conservation of the ideals that go hand in hand with professional responsibility and ethics.

We are certain of the gains that the group contains and skills that our experience has consolidated:

  • The recognized quality of services and products;
  • Training and experience of our optics professionals;
  • Brand awareness;
  • Coverage nationwide;
  • Good knowledge of the needs of consumers;
  • Financial capacity;
  • Post sale support services;
  • Image of high credibility and confidence among consumers, distributors and prescribers;

Thus, we understand that strategically it is our duty to:

  • Strengthen the current position of the group in the national optical market, projecting it into the future;
  • Grow the business and the brand in terms of its reputation with the various public.
  • Bet on the approach and loyalty of the final consumer, through constant improvement of service quality as well as updating the training of our human resources.
  • Converge forces that lead to the consolidation of the direction that we have been drawing as an influential optics group, reinforcing the importance of respect for the activity of optical as professionals and good technical and commercial practices that distinguishes us from unfair competition.